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10 Instagram​ tools your business can't go without in 2017

Do you wonder how so many Instagram accounts seem so organized, have thousands of followers, the captions are always perfectly worded and every single freaking post is gorgeous? They more than likely have a few tools up their sleeves.

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Here are some tools that you should not live without as a business owner on Instagram. Make sure that YOUR feed is drool worthy and organized.


Later is a great platform to create content to be posted at the perfect time. Getting on your phone at the right time every single day can become quite the hassle when you’re busy and have several other projects to be working on. With Later, you can find that cozy Saturday morning the best time to write up several posts and schedule them throughout your week. You’ll never have to forget to post again!


Buffer is a similar scheduling tool with its own perks! With Buffer, you can create the content in bulk and set daily reminders when you want to post it. When you sign up with Buffer, connect the social media platform you want to use. Upload the photos you want to post that week and write up the captions with the appropriate hashtags. Then you can set up the reminders and Buffer will send you notifications that it’s time to post on Instagram. You can do this with several social media accounts and keep them all organized in one platform.


Iconosquare is taking interaction to an easier level. Using Instagram on your phone to respond to comments, messages, questions, tracking activity and engagements can take a long time! Wouldn’t it be nice to keep it all organized on your laptop? Iconosquare is an answer to the strain and time-consuming process. You can keep track of all those comments on your photos in a broader view and get back to your viewers a lot quicker. You can view your stats in the overview panel from the past 7 days. These stats include how many comments and likes received, followers and followings as well as lost followers and more! This is a great way to keep track of your stats and interact with fellow Instagrammers. Keep your followers happy!


Oh, sweet Instagress! One of my favorite tools. Instagress is an automation tool that acts like YOU. You can create your profile and tell Instagress to Like and Comment based on tags, locations, followers/followings, and likers/commenters. Instagress will automatically like and comment on other profiles which gives you more interaction credit. Others will be interested in who liked or commented on their photo and potentially check out your profile! It’s a way for your name to be active on Instagram, but you don’t have to do a thing.


Crowdfire is a useful way to organize your followers, find accounts who are interested in brands like yours, and get a head count of fans and unfollowers. With Crowdfire, you can:

  • See who unfollowed you and quickly unfollow them.
  • Follow accounts who follow brands like yours.
  • See who follows you that you don’t follow back.
  • See the statistics of who has unfollowed you since you began using Crowdfire.
  • See a list of new followers.


Social Rank is an amazing tool that helps you see who is most engaged and interactive with your content. Sort your followers by most valuable, most engaged, best followers, and most followed.  Also filter your followers by keywords and hashtags. After your results are in, you can take action and begin interacting with your followers to show you care. Send them messages, like and comment on their photos and your fans will fall in love with you all over again!


You MUST MUST MUST create a business account on Instagram. Mixing business and personal content does not work. Your friends who follow you may not be your target audience and don’t care about what’s going on in your office. Your business audience also may not care about what you’re up to with your friends over the weekend. Keep those lives separate! Instagram has a great feature where you can add multiple accounts in your app which makes it easy to switch back and forth. Keep your friends and clients happy!

This one isn’t necessarily a tool, more so a feature of Instagram that you don’t want to miss out on.


VSCO is an iPhone photographer’s dream. It is a camera and editing app that provides plenty of artistic presets. Many free and paid presets are available for the style you’re looking for. You can capture, edit, export, and post to Instagram in just a few easy steps!


If you already have virtual storefronts in multiple places, Shopseen could be the selling tool that works best for you. It allows you to sell on Instagram by creating a storefront through your profile link. Shopseen will link this storefront with your stores on Shopify, eBay, Etsy, and Woo, making it easier to manage and monitor your inventory and your sales.


Promotes sales on Instagram by allowing users to purchase by commenting on a shoppable post. Both sellers and buyers install the app (which easily integrates with Instagram) to enable comment selling.

If you use any of these tools and love them, great! If you don’t, please go check them out because I think you’ll find them so useful. But hey! Before you go, read this.

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