15 Popular Productivity Apps That Will Get You Organized and Save You Time

There are a lot of fantastic choices out there when it comes to productivity apps but I rounded up these 15 popular apps to hopefully make your decision process a lot easier. As a business owner, we obviously take productivity very seriously because our time translates into our audiences engagement with our brand, dollar bills in our pocket, and our overall legacy that we are leaving online. We have to use our time as strategically as possible.

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I know these apps can make a big impact in your productivity levels and I encourage you to give a few of these a try!

Productivity App One: Asana

If you follow the brand Market Beautifully you know I love me some Asana. I use Asana to balance my podcast, YouTube channel, blog, agency clients, my clients, and my team. There is a lot of moving parts every day and a lot of projects that hit my desk. If I didn’t have Asana to keep me organized I would definitely not be at the point I am today.

If you want to see the systems I use within Asana to strategically plan out my time so that every minute counts within each day, then head on over to the program I created called Asana for the Entrepreneur. This is a $27 course that is worth well beyond that. I have some amazing students in that course that are able to reach far more people with their business now because they were able to create a system that works similar to mine within Asana.

Feel free to just check it out and click here if you want to learn more about Asana for the Entrepreneur. 

Productivity App Two: Trello

Trello is another project management tool that I have seen grow in popularity over the past few years. I used to use Trello before Asana and Asana definitely won me over with some better features, but Trello is an amazing tool that you should definitely check out.

Productivity App Three: Kiwi for Gmail

Do you have multiple gmail accounts and find it an absolute pain to switch between each account every time you go to a Google owned website?! This is such a waste of time and gets you off track.

I use kiwi for gmail, which is a desktop app that saves me SO much time and I actually respond to my emails a lot quicker now that I have this app. It has upped my productivity game like nobody’s business. You can check out the app here.

Productivity App Four: Time Out

Never forget to take a break. I know you know how important breaks are to productivity and that’s why this app called time out helps with this issue. I’m terrible at taking breaks, I admit. Obviously when I’m on a roll I’m not going to stop the flow but if I’m in a funk and not in a productive mood, it’s definitely time to take a break and as entrepreneurs, we all need a time out.

You can download the time out app here.

Productivity App Five: Noisli

If noises help you stay focused, then I have the perfect website for you. The website is called Noisli and it helps you create custom noises that promote productivity. You can view Noisli here.

You can create an account for free and it is super easy to customize all the noises!

Productivity App Six: Coschedule

Easily keep track of all your content on one drag and drop calendar with coschedule. I’m sure you have heard of this brand because they are spreading like wildfire in the entrepreneur community but they have an awesome video on their home page here of how coschedule works. So if you have never heard of it, jump over there and take a look!

Productivity App Seven: Headspace

Something that I have been getting into lately is meditation. Meditating clears up your head and all those scattered thoughts, allows me to make clearer decisions, and keeps my stress levels down. Headspace is an app that helps with guided meditations so if you were a newbie like me, this is a fantastic place to start.

Download the free app, headspace, here.

Productivity App Eight: Boardbooster

If you have heard any of my Pinterest talks on live video, listened to my podcasts on Pinterest or read this blog you know I love me some Boardbooster. This automates my Pinterest account which takes a huge task off my shoulders. By having boardbooster run in the background and keep my content active I save so much of my time and consistently drive traffic to my website, podcast, and other pages within my business.

Productivity App Nine: Inbox Pause

Pause your inbox to keep yourself in check! I needed this in my life on such a serious level. Once I got an email in my inbox, I would immediately check and then respond. After I responded I would go back to the task I was working on in the first place and of course, another email will fly into my inbox minutes later. This is a huge mistake when it comes to productivity.

Simply pause your inbox and then un-pause your inbox at certain times of the day when you have it blocked off on your calendar to respond to emails.

Productivity App Ten: Boomerang

You can easily schedule an email to be sent out later or create a task to remind yourself to complete at a later time. Boomerang is fantastic and definitely can play a role in upping your productivity!

You can learn more about Boomerang on their website here.

Productivity App Eleven: Evernote

I use evernote to outline all my podcasts and I also use Evernote to take notes during my client meetings. Evernote makes it so easy to take detailed notes and integrate those notes within my Asana tasks. This has helped my workflow process and kept the team and I here at Market Beautifully super organized.

If you aren’t using Evernote currently (then, why not?!) it’s just a desktop app and mobile app that you can use for note taking specifically and you can organize your notes within “notebooks” inside Evernote. Go download the app here!

Productivity App Twelve: Google Drive

Using Google drive is a huge time saver on my end. I’m able to use my Google drive for sharing documents within seconds, use Google sheets for budgeting/accounting, accessing all my business files from any device I’m on at the moment. It’s pretty grand and I definitely recommend you use Google Drive.

**note: Don’t use Amazon drive for storage. I do love me some Amazon but they are terrible when it comes to storage. I spent two months creating my system within Amazon storage and it all crashed, I lost all my files in the middle of creating a program about creating a profitable podcast from scratch. YEAH. So that program didn’t come out and I lost all my business files with hardly any backed up on another drive. So stay away from Amazon storage, please!

Productivity App Thirteen: Focus Keeper

This app helps you focus so intensely on your projects. Seriously! You can download the app Focus Keeper by clicking here if you want to see how it works for you.

It works well for me and has amazing reviews by others as well!

Productivity App Fourteen: Productive

This helps you with habit forming which is perfect for productivity, right?

You can view the productive app here.

Productivity App Fifteen: Dubsado

So it’s not really an app that you can download on your phone, but Dubsado does automate all of my client workflow which saves me a lot of time which I can then pour back into my clients. Not only do my clients save time with signing contracts, paying invoices, and communicating with me but I’m saving a lot of time by not having to file all these documents in a physical file and I have all their information in one, safe place. It’s fantastic so if you are a client-run business then you have to check out Dubsado because I swear you’re going to drool a little bit.

Learn more about Dubsado by clicking here.


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