Copy and Paste my Entire Project Management System

I know you want to scale + grow the foundation you have built.  

With a system in place inside of Asana you will be able to focus on the growth of your company and be unstoppable.

How Asana for the Entrepreneur Helped Alysha achieve growing her list from 0 to 2400 subscribers!  

"I kept myself accountable using Asana to using tailwind and Pinterest to grow my traffic and at that point I had 0 subscribers and I went to 2400 subscribers and my traffic went to 12,000 monthly visits" 

How Crytal hit her first 90 day goal using Asana for the Entrepreneur.

"The tools that you give, it's so simple like copy and paste. It's so easy I couldn't not do it. After a few weeks of implementing it this was making my life so much easier."  


You need one place to dump all your amazing ideas, organize all your projects, and manage every single task you work on.

You would like to have a project management tool that has a flying unicorn appear when you chek off tasks and a pretty background on project boards.

You want to scale + grow quickly but know that in order to acheive your goals, your time needs to be used effectively and strategically.

You are SICK of scattered to-do lists in random notebooks that is basically impossible to keep up with. Coffee stains on a really good business idea that was hiding under a huge pile, anyone?


Haley Burkhead  

My goal is for you to set up an automated, strategic system within Asana and take control of your time. 

Asana for the Entreprneur will resonate with you because you have big goals for your business and such a strong foundation, and with a little structure, you will reach your goals faster.

I can't wait to see you on the inside of this program.


Asana for the Entrepreneur is the best, and most productive, $97 you will spend on your business.

"Asana for the Entrepreneur is the best, and most productive, $97 you will spend on your business! Haley breaks this dynamic tool down into quick videos that will have you up and running inside Asana in no time. From the basics all the way through to advanced functionality, Haley will show you how to maximise this productivity tool and is perfect for solopreneurs and teams alike! One afternoon with this course and I now have my entire Asana basecamp set up and ready to go! This is perfect for beginners and also if you have been using Asana for a while but want to get really strategic! I will be having all my clients and my team go through this course for sure!"

Sam Bell, founder of the Brand It Girl


Spontaneously drooling over this program.


Start getting productive and profitable.