I'm Haley Burkhead

i’m haley burkhead.

I quit my job and went from 0 to $36,000 months in 6 months at the age of 24.

But when you rewind time, you’ll see that my story wasn’t too pretty. I didn’t always treat my business like I was the CEO.

Cheers to the universe for giving us lightbulb moments.

Here’s mine below.


i was exhausted of seeing no results from the countless hours I put in.

And then my workaholic tendencies caught up to me in the middle of Paris.

My body shut down and we were forced to fly back home during our first big trip together. I kept getting worse despite tons of doctor visits and medicine which led me to be stuck in bed for over a month unable to take care of myself.

I was forced to re-evaluate how I ran my business (and life)


it's free

I host a free class, Netflix style, over how to create consistent income without adding more to your schedule.

Haley Burkhead

who i was

A workaholic who got a productivity high off checking off a lot of tasks every day and I wasn’t checking off the RIGHT tasks that actually move my business forward

Who I wanted to be

A CEO who didn’t run my business like an entrepreneur with a side hustle.

how did i do that?

The 3-Part Profit Plan

I cover the Profit Plan Method in my free class where we go over HOW to use and apply profit planning to your day to day so you can have a simple, automated business that doesn’t require you to work crazy hours.