Market Beautifully is now Profit Planner


A lot of you know that Market Beautifully was born out of my love for marketing as I ran my agency for online entrepreneurs. Thanks to all of you on Instagram, I realized that what you wanted to hear more of from me was productivity not marketing.

You wanted me to show you how I break down my revenue goals into a color-coded calendar… not how I plan a funnel!

With this big switch comes a brand new name.

*drum roll*

Market Beautifully is now PROFIT PLANNER.

While Market Beautifully offered a full suite of services, Profit Planner offers a membership site of incredible resources that are focused around profit-focused productivity.

I know a lot of you are SO excited about this change and I am too!


I’m the host of this show, Market Beautifully podcast. I’m a podcaster and online entrepreneur that believes in the power of Asana and meditation.





I'm Haley, founder of Profit Planner and I help emotionally drained, workaholic entrepreneurs STEP OFF the hamster wheel they call their business so they can enjoy their live, love their business again and not be chained to their computer every day :)

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