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The Big Announcement


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I have a big announcement…

Announcement #1

We made it to episode 100 together. I want you to know I love you so much for listening to this because I know when you press play you are choosing to surround yourself with positive business advice and someone (me) who WANTS you to succeed.

And when you choose to do that, you are saying no to negative advice or thoughts from other people. This podcast is such a powerful tool for you in your business and I’m SO thankful that you are choosing to use it as one.

Announcement #2

We are changing the name of this podcast and format and basically everything starting in January. Why? Because I want this podcast to be geared toward how to THINK like a CEO. I heard you guys when you said you don’t feel like a CEO and so that title doesn’t seem fitting but you know what? You don’t have to feel like a CEO, you just have to think like one. And I want to create higher level content on this show that is motivating, powerful and still full of actionable advice of course.

This podcast started out as a passion project because the first summit I spoke at… the person running it told me I was a terrible speaker. So I started this podcast. And slowly it turned into a routine. I want to shake it up and I want this podcast to be a passion project again which means I’m going to be talking about things that you have DMed me about, be even more opinionated on this show like I am in the Profit Planner Lounge. I feel like this podcast is too structured sometimes – which is so not me!

If you are a profit planner inside my membership you know how passionate and opinionated and inspiring I can get on those calls. I want to channel that energy into this show. Which means I need to rearrange the entire format. And I’m changing the name because I want this podcast to be a separate brand. Will the listeners of this show still be the people who need Profit Planner Lounge? Ummm yes. Of course. I think everyone needs to know how to create the right kind of profit plan. But the content will be different and I know you are going to LOVE what I have in store for you.

Announcement #3

I’m taking a break in December. Part of this break is because December is going to be a month of high level vision for the company (and this show), but also because I want to JUST focus on self care. If you listened to episode 99 then you know about some of the struggles I have been going through with depression and binge eating. I want to spend a lot of December reading books about brain health and finding holistic ways to heal what is going on and spend more time in therapy sorting through some events that I have buried away in my mind.

I heard from a lot of you that you loved that episode because you felt like I was more human hahaha… which I find funny because if you saw behind the scenes, life is not like it looks like on Instagram. I do have so much success and I do have an incredible business that is so fulfilling.

But no one has it all together and know that I definitely don’t. I never want to be someone that someone looks at and gets jealous or feels like I’m perfect. I make so many mistakes every day but no matter what, I get up and dust myself off and keep going and I want you to do the same. I know you may be going through something right now that is sucking all your emotions out of you and you feel drained.

Take this month with me to focus on taking care of yourself and think high level about your business šŸ™‚ We can do this together and that will prep you for the new name and new content on this show in January.


OKAY. That’s my big announcement. I hope you are as excited as I am!! I’ll talk to you in January, have a fantastic holiday season and a happy New Year friend!

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