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February 2019 Income Report


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I host a free class, Netflix style, over how to create consistent income without adding more to your schedule.

I create these income reports so you can see inside my business and what scaling an online business looks like. I know running a business can be terrifying at times, it’s a scary thrilling adventure where we aren’t getting a lot of guidance. These income reports are meant to help you navigate entrepreneurship as you grow alongside of me!

I host a free class, netflix style, over how to create consistent income without adding more to your schedule at Take your income to the next level with me! Click here to get access.


The phrase that gets me through everything “oh well” I have become bffs with this phrase. In business, things go wrong. All the time! There are always little and big fires to put out. Instead of pretending like they don’t happen or expecting that they won’t – I just respond with “oh well, what’s the solution?” to EVERYTHING. Seriously. Every single thing. For instance, this month we realized PayPal was having problems and we lost over $4,000 to a rebilling incident. Instead of freaking out which I definitely wanted to do I talked myself down and said “oh well, what’s the solution?

The solution ended up being Hannah doing the research on why this was happening and talking to the companies to fix this. What else can we do? We can’t rewind time and reverse this from happening. It already happened. So to respond with emotions and actions that put fuel on a fire are anything but helpful – as a CEO I do my best to respond to everything with a solution oriented mindset. Am I the best at this? Noooo. But I do try every day! It’s something I’m constantly working on and my team are as well.


My Next Big Thing. Around 15-20% of our Profit Planner Lounge members are already making 6 figures in their business and so I have been asked to create a higher level training around creating recurring profit – which means how to sell on a scalable level, how to manage the day to day of a team while making sure you get an ROI on their time to making sure they are in the right position plus the mindset piece of the puzzle. So I’m working on our new program that will be called Recurring Profit which will be opening up to beta testers in a month or two. If you want to apply then you can go to and the first round of business owners that go through this will get a lot more personal attention since they will be helping me shape the program! I’m so excited to create this and I know it’s what my audience wants and NEEDS.


I’m organizing my business on the back end a bit differently. So as most of you know our goal is to get to $130,000/mo by September so in order to get there in the easiest way possible where no one has to work over 5-6 hours a day I decided to restructure a bit. So in my mind this is how I organized it all just so you can see how I think! I split up my business into 5 different pillars in my mind. Each sales source is a pillar and the last pillar is our day to day. So let me explain each pillar! Each pillar has number projections. Our day to day pillar includes a spreadsheet of every day to day project category that has to be completed to keep the business running smoothly – attached to each category is a time. We track how long it takes to complete all day to day tasks every week. This isn’t a number we try to improve – I don’t want to rush my team. This is just a number I need to know so I don’t add too much to my teams plate and know how to outsource correctly to contractors or put the correct project on the right team members plate. Now for the other 4 pillars – these are our sales sources. These sources are what will bring in the $130,000/mo revenue. So let me just dive into each sales source! Each sales source has it’s own spreadsheet with pulse meters which I explain inside the Profit Planner Lounge when you profit plan – if you want to know what I’m talking about then get your booty in my free class so you can learn about the 3-part profit plan system and join the lounge at the end. Ok, so the first sales source is our pinterest funnel. The traffic sources for our pinterest funnel are pinterest ads and pinterest management. We make projections for our funnel on how many leads and sales we want each week of the month all the way to September. I put a team member in charge of this funnel and how to hit the goal and they are in charge of reporting every Monday on these numbers. Our second sales source pillar is our organic funnel so in this spreadsheet we track the funnel stats and all traffic sources to the funnel so our podcast, our newsletter, press, free facebook group, instagram, etc. is all in there. I also put someone in charge of this sales source and in charge of making sure we hit our number projections every single week. Our third sales source is our facebook ad funnel which our facebook ads manager is in charge of hitting our numbers. Then our fourth sales source is our partner program which is where we create custom strategies for entrepreneurs who want to share the Profit Planner Lounge with their audience. This gives them a recurring commission so basically… they get a paycheck every month from us. Our partners love this because it provides a lot of stability in their business and they can increase their paycheck by adding more members which our product is an easy sell! And of course, someone on our team is in charge of our partner program and making sure we hit those numbers.

I hope me breaking all of this down was helpful! I know it is a LOT but I definitely recommend keeping your business organized this way.

INCOME – $28,836

Profit Planner Lounge$16,467.00
Passive Profit $10,925.00


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it's free

I host a free class, Netflix style, over how to create consistent income without adding more to your schedule.