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July 2018 Income Report


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I host a free class, Netflix style, over how to create consistent income without adding more to your schedule.

I host a free class, netflix style, over how to create consistent income without adding more to your schedule at Take your income to the next level with me! Click here to get access.

Here’s some milestones that were hit this month.


When I got back from my Austin retreat last month, I came back in a funk to be honest.

I ended up booking a hotel room an hour away to isolate myself from everything around me. I meditated on what my next step should be trying to sift out all the noise and advice I had been getting weeks prior. What I realized within 5 minutes of being there was that my funk wasn’t because I was upleveling which everyone told me, it was because my vision was so unclear. There was no challenge anymore in my business.

My company was automated, rolling ahead and in some ways didn’t need me. I got bored and that boredom made me complacent. I thrive off competition and challenge so I created that within my business and life.


The solo business trip is what led me to make a BIG investment in a group coaching program, specifically the one I joined.

One: I needed to be around people that were making way more money than I was so that I could challenge myself and use it as competitive fuel.

Two: I needed to get advice from someone in my industry that had already built a successful + sustainable business that didn’t add more to her plate.

Within 48 hours of being inside this program + community I had over 20 pages of notes on my iPad, a huge list of how this integrated with my vision and saw SO clearly on how I could hit my revenue goals by the end of the year without causing me to collapse from stress.

I have never spent so much money so confidently before and I am so proud of myself for making it happen.


Everything happens in my favor and I am constantly reminding myself of this. There have been huge wins this month with my team overall! We found a sore spot in the structure which got solved quickly on its own which opened up the company to a new team hierarchy that I would have never realized was possible before!

I split up my business into 5 main positions and contract workers underneath each of the 5 positions. It’s been amazing to watch the Universe just make things happen!

We are on track to make some really great hires over the next few months to complete the team structure I have mapped out. It has been a completely crazy process because I am learning as I go. But I am loving the way my company keeps growing and my new focus on crafting an incredible team that loves my customers as much as I do!


This month has given me a new challenge to work toward, I have been able to see my long-term vision a LOT more clearly now which gives me so much drive to make it happen.

I have realized that I need to dream bigger. Each month I have subconsciously capped my potential and like clockwork, each month I add more to my big vision.

INCOME – $24,791

Profit Planner Lounge$12,032
Profit Calls$1,000
Profit Accelerator$1500
Profit Planner Retreat$1,740
Asana for the Entrepreneur$1,261
*ConvertKit (30-day trial link)$208
Siteground Affiliate$100
Passive Profit$5250

EXPENSES – $7,238

Lounge Assistant $610
Affiliate Manager
Thrive Cart$595
Process Street $15
Social Curator$25
Active Campaign$169
Adobe CC$52
Kajabi $89
Deadline Funnel$37
Group Coaching Program$1,500

TOTAL PROFIT – $17,553


it's free

I host a free class, Netflix style, over how to create consistent income without adding more to your schedule.