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June 2018 Income Report


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I host a free class, Netflix style, over how to create consistent income without adding more to your schedule.

I host a free class, netflix style, over how to create consistent income using the 5-figure framework at Take your income to the next level with me! Click here to get access.

Here’s some milestones that were hit this month.


I turned 24 and when my two feet hit the floor that morning I felt like I had to do MORE.

Since I had taken off all week for Austin, I took some market research based calls and had my calendar booked from 9am to 6pm, mainly because I was so excited to be back in the office and wanted to take action on everything.

But on my birthday the internet went down at my house so you know what I did? Took a deep breath, rescheduled a few calls and found space in my calendar to drive up to the Apple store and buy myself a brand new iPad Pro.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder to be full of gratitude, go with the flow and just celebrate.

So I spent the night reflecting on the past 24 years and how far I have come. I chose to be easy on myself and view every thought in a positive light!

I had a great birthday and I appreciate every birthday wish that came my way. Thanks for making me feel so special!


I went to Austin with Reina from Reina and Co and Jordan from Systems Saved Me. We cozied up in a multi-million dollar home in Texas and started simplifying our businesses to scale our income + serve more people.

Within four days I grew in so many different areas. There was a day I cried for three hours because of a breakthrough that was made, there was a day that I couldn’t stop smiling because I had a Google doc outlining how I was going to grow my business to a million dollar company. I came back with so many notes but more than that, I came back with two really close friends who I cannot wait to keep learning from.

Instead of feeling confident when I came home with my million dollar plan in hand, I was allowing all these negative thoughts to swirl in my head that led me to sitting on the couch watching Netflix for 48 hours avoiding all responsibility.

This process of upleveling ourselves can be hard and a lot of times our bodies will reject it because it’s safe to stay where you are.

My business has scaled so fast in the past 2 months and this is a completely different business model than I have ever ran before. I’m learning all of this as I go and trying to do my best everyday, just like you.

When I saw this plan in front of me in a 5 page Google doc of HOW I was going to get to 1 million by next June I had a physical reaction.

But that’s ok because on Monday morning I shook it off thanks to some good friends, put Netflix down and started crossing off my to-do list.


You may be thinking ok does this really count as a highlight of June?

I decided to start Whole 30 on July 1 so as I’m typing this, that was 2 weeks ago. To be honest, it has been rough.

Not because I haven’t meal prepped or because of cravings. It’s the HUGE lifestyle change that comes with Whole 30. It’s been this intense emotional journey because I’m breaking down all these false beliefs I have had around food.

Food has always been a competition.

Food has always equaled love.

Food has been a warm blanket to all the sadness I have carried for way too long.

So giving up these types of food was giving up emotional security.

I’m pushing through the fear and I’m not letting these terrible habits back in my life. If you have followed my insta stories then you know I joke about cheese sticks and cookie dough but all of the crap I was eating was destroying my energy, my mood and how I felt about myself.

I was on a dangerous road and I’m thankful for Reina (pictured below) for the wake up call.


This month I realized that upleveling is hard and that’s okay.

I didn’t push myself harder and harder this June. I let myself take a lot of breaks (probably too many) to process a lot of emotions and things that came up through the month.

INCOME – $16,459

Profit Planner Lounge$10,862
Profit Calls$600
Profit Accelerator$500
Profit Planner Retreat$1,650
Asana for the Entrepreneur$389
*ConvertKit (30-day trial link)$208
*Kajabi (30-day trial link)$204
Surprise Payout from Teachable$346

EXPENSES – $6,683

Customer Support Manager$698
Podcast + Pinterest Manager$315
Social Curator$25
Acuity Scheduling$15
Active Campaign$169
Travel $780
Adobe CC$49
iPad Pro$900
Notability App$10
Deadline Funnel$37


Paid Myself: $3,000
Profit Account: $2,276
Tax Account: $4,500



it's free

I host a free class, Netflix style, over how to create consistent income without adding more to your schedule.