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May 2018 Income Report


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In April, I told everyone at my agency job that I would be leaving. In May, I left. This prompted a major lifestyle change because that meant this extrovert (me) didn’t have a fancy office where I could be around other people. Before I took this job in 2015 I was a freelance web designer so it was a bit weird to go from entrepreneurship to a corporate job BUT I was blaming entrepreneurship at that time for how miserable I was. I was working over 14 hours a day, isolated because I worked from home all day, and was dealing with depression. When I took this job, that all turned around because I wasn’t stuck in a home all day by myself! But, as all of you know, we are entrepreneurs. We aren’t meant to work at jobs and build up other companies we are meant to build our own company. Although, I did learn a lot about things I would and wouldn’t do with my own company so I don’t regret taking a few steps back in my career because I really do feel like I needed that time to discover the type of business model I was happy with.

I cried on my last day because I knew I would miss it. And I cried as I was wrapping up my first week without that job because I felt alive again, like I could actually breathe (because I had my time back.. I still miss the job at times)

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For years, I kept that job while building my company not because of money (because I was already running a 6-figure business but just kept hiring more people so I could stay at the job which caused more time issues) but because I was afraid of working at home alone. Once I got past that mindset issue it was game on. I didn’t realize how unhappy I had become by avoiding working from home. I was in the car 9 hours a week traveling back and forth to the office, spreading myself entirely too thin, working on weekends all for what? To keep a job so I didn’t have to feel isolated anymore. Come on, Haley.

This has been a major shift for me. I am actually happy again, I have time to discover hobbies that aren’t business related and pursue other business projects that I did not have time for (cough… software project and new podcast with a dear entrepreneur friend!)


This was bananas. I welcomed close to 50 new members in an automated webinar funnel compared to April where I had multiple launches and felt so drained. It was as if I unlocked this magic that I had been scared of but now I fell in love with? Terrible explanation but seriously, my mind is blown.

I talk more about this funnel in episode 78 so if you want all the conversion rates, super specific details and answers to popular questions from other entrepreneurs about this funnel than go tune in to that. Definitely a must listen!

But here’s the thing, I am not a funnel expert. Yet my funnel is converting at 19.8% as of right now.. that’s without any of the fancy conversion rate increase tricks because honestly this month was all about getting organic traffic through and a little paid to get some data back so I could go full force with this in June. I never expected these results. I was expecting under 10% because a 2-5% conversion rate is fairly average.

I will be updating you on this funnel as I go throughout the year for sure! I plan on splitting this one funnel up into 3 funnels to test specific traffic sources. Those traffic sources (in case you are nosey like me) are: Pinterest, Roadmap, Organic. I’ll test out which traffic source converts better and then pour money into the one that does!


My business bestie, Liz White, had a retreat up in New York and so I went to help lead a mastermind in Central Park for her, meet some profit planner lounge members in person and spend more time with Liz in real life. I fell even more in love with our friendship while we were there because seriously, we just compliment each other so perfectly!

And oh my goodness I can’t avoid telling you about my first sound bath experience at sunset on a rooftop in Brooklyn. It was magical. As if my brain had been flossed from all the muck that was in it.


This month I realized I could turn launch mode off and still scale my business (huge mindset shift). I went to the lake with one of my entrepreneur friends and as we were kayaking I made $350 from my automated funnel with new members coming in (so recurring.. wooo!). Oh, and I went to the lake! On a week day! I was able to pack up and leave for a few days and just go without any responsibility because my team had everything covered and.. I didn’t have a job! Such a weird feeling. May has been a month of massive mindset shifts, getting rid of a negative + mediocre environment and adding even more automation into my business. I fell back in love with my life and myself this month and I want to cry as I’m typing this. I wish I could put into wordsnhow much this month has changed me. When I post a picture online I’m getting a lot of “You are RADIANT!” or “You are shining! There is an aura around you now!” and I believe it. I’m actually happy again. I have a business I love, I’m learning how to love myself better and my life is something people dream about.

INCOME – $13,922

Profit Planner Lounge$6,886
Profit Calls$400
Profit Accelerator$1,000
Profit Planner Retreat$4,600
Asana for the Entrepreneur$366
*ConvertKit (30-day trial link)$187
Surprise Payout from Teachable$483

EXPENSES – $4,873

Customer Support Manager$450
Podcast + Pinterest Manager$175
Pinterest Advertising$150
Acuity Scheduling$15
*ConvertKit (free 30-day trial)$79
Retreat Down Payment$2,674
Travel (plane ticket + NYC expenses)$484
Adobe CC$49


Paid Myself: $3,000
Profit Account: $2,049
Tax Account: $4,000



it's free

I host a free class, Netflix style, over how to create consistent income without adding more to your schedule.