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June 2019 Income Report


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I host a free class, Netflix style, over how to create consistent income without adding more to your schedule.

I create these income reports so you can see inside my business and what scaling an online business looks like. I know running a business can be terrifying at times, it’s a scary thrilling adventure where we aren’t getting a lot of guidance. These income reports are meant to help you navigate entrepreneurship as you grow alongside of me!

I host a free class, netflix style, over how to create consistent income without adding more to your schedule at Take your income to the next level with me! Click here to get access.

MILESTONE #1 – I Officially Moved

You have been watching me manifest and work toward moving out of the town I used to live in and it’s official – I am in Texas. Talk about the dragon fly story. Talk about how I found out dragon fly was my sign (skin care company, kayaking and sat on arm)

MILESTONE #2 – It’s Selfish to Be Selfless

Experiencing boundaries internally and externally. A lot of you have mentioned as you up level yourself as an entrepreneur and work on self development, you find that you are hanging out with your negative Nancy friends less and this is what I have learned. I have learned to set boundaries on those that are negative the most because as I grow, I have to be very careful who I am spending my time around and what kind of energy I am letting into my life. This month, I came to the realization that I’m having to set boundaries with myself, not just with other people.

MILESTONE #3 – Took Three Weeks Off and Lost Momentum

I took a lot of time off with the start of this summer to be very present with my family before I moved and to be present with the move since I had been waiting for this so long. But with me taking time off, I did find myself losing momentum which wasn’t necessarily bad, but it was different. I found myself inspired to organize my routines, read, watch butterflies outside and not really need to be near a computer and go with the flow. I told myself it was okay. It was weird not WANTING to work. I usually catch myself wanting to at least work 2 hours a day, but I didn’t. I experienced that new feeling and tried to be flexible as things came up. What always gets my momentum back is going live and talking to you guys on Instagram. It motivates me and picks me right back up, because being with my favorite people always cheers me up!

MILESTONE #4 – Team Changes and Deep Cleaning

I believe I announced this on the last income report but I’m not sure. Hannah is no longer with us because she didn’t want to move to salary. While we made that transition, we are now in a deep cleaning phase for the next two weeks. Content audits, product experience audits, workbook changes, detail central! Which you guys know me, I’m not big into details. Thankfully my team is! But we are focusing on deep cleaning. I’ll walk you through the process of this. I took all my post-it notes from post-it profit system and made an intense list of every single thing needed to be working properly or cleaned up. It was a really intense audit and a massive list. When I say massive, I’m talking about 20 pieces of copy paper I had written everything off of. I had this crazy goal for us to get it all done in two weeks which was a massive disaster because “What the heck, Haley! You can’t do all of that in 2 weeks.” Throughout this process, I’m learning how to be a better leader. I have to realize that not everyone can work at the same speed as I normally would. I have to learn how to slow down so my team can be thorough without feeling overwhelmed. We are always in open communication and I am VERY thankful for having a team that does speak up and they aren’t just “yes” men and women.

INCOME – $63,282

Recurring Profit$29,050
The Scalability Lounge$30,444


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it's free

I host a free class, Netflix style, over how to create consistent income without adding more to your schedule.