The Productive Morning Routine That Saves me an Hour Every Day

The power of morning routines are real. Once you find the perfect routine for you that gets you in that zone of productivity, you are golden. Once I realized how much of an impact morning routines can have on your whole day I started experimenting on the morning routine that would be perfect for me. I definitely want you to experiment because what works for me, may not work for you!

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Here’s the different phases of my morning routine that I have strung together to create that little pocket of time after I wake up something to look forward to and pump me up for the rest of the day.

Phase One | Smoothie

Making a smoothie is the first thing I do in the morning because when I wake up, the last thing I want to do is eat a huge breakfast. Now I know this is different for everyone, but I need a few hours before I eat my big morning meal. So what I do is gather up strawberries, flax seed, greek yogurt, almond milk, and raw honey then blend it all together in a personal sized smoothie cup. I drink on this while I take care of the dogs in the morning for their morning routines.

There are so many amazing smoothie recipes out there so get your cute booty over to Pinterest and find a smoothie that looks really good to you! Go get the ingredients and start blending. This is my favorite morning meal because it doesn’t make me feel groggy or gross because I pigged out on a plate full of carbs.

Phase Two | Yoga + Meditate

Carving out time to relax my body and just start the day off with a mindset of positivity has been incredible. It’s sad how much stress and tenseness we carry around in our bodies from working ourselves so hard, so I think it is important to take 15-20 minutes to focus on either yoga or meditation or both!

The app I use for my yoga sessions is Asana Rebel. I believe it was $40 for the year but it was so beyond worth it because, first of all, way cheaper than a gym membership, and Asana Rebel has made yoga easy for me. I’m a newbie to the yoga world so Asana Rebel didn’t make this overwhelming or too difficult.

For meditation, there is a free app called Head Space that you may want to check out. I just started using the app and I’m not quite sure about it yet but I have heard a lot of my entrepreneur friends rave about it.

Phase Three | Read the Bible

I love to spend a few moments with my God, because I view Him as my business mentor and rock in this entrepreneur world of mine. You may have a different faith or outlook on religion, so for you, skipping this phase is obviously an option!

Taking these moments to spend with God allows me to take all the stress I’m feeling about my business and life and lay it in front of him. It serves as this reminder that my purpose is to love people in this world, the way Jesus loved. I want to help as many ladies as I can through Market Beautifully and God consistently reminds me to pour myself into my clients, to make them feel so special (because they are), and always provide my best work.

Again, I know you may believe differently and this morning routine may not fit your preferences or lifestyle so I suggest starting out with a routine that fits you best and seeing how it goes for a week! You can always make tweaks and it doesn’t have to be perfect those first few days.

Phase Three | Shower

I know this seems a little silly or like a duh moment. But taking a shower, getting ready for the day, it really helps your productivity. This also helps me wake up a little bit as well! I don’t always put makeup on or fix my hair, unless I’m going on live that day. So you don’t have to go full-out get ready mode every morning but just hop in the shower!

Phase Four | Asana

I look forward to this moment because I start off by completing my 5 easiest tasks. I check them off in Asana and watch the unicorns fly across my screen cheering me on. This always gives me a little push to drive forward and knock off the more time consuming tasks that are on my Asana calendar for the day.

By starting off the day inside Asana I can see the tasks that I need to focus on and prepare myself for completing all those off.

How does this save an hour?

My mind is ready to work at this point. Now that I have completed all my phases every morning, I’m relaxed and my mindset is in the right place. If I don’t follow my morning routine or a variation of this routine, I find myself wandering off in space during the day or sometimes I’ll get sleepy and fall asleep on the couch while editing a video. With this morning routine, I’m more focused throughout the day and overall, being focused correlates to efficiency and efficiency saves you a lot of time. It’s hard to believe how much time we waste throughout the day just by losing focus, however that looks like to you. It could be wandering through your personal Facebook feed, getting distracted on Instagram, turning the TV on for 30 minutes, any kind of activity that isn’t on your task list in Asana.


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