17 Ways to Work Smarter and Save Time as an Entrepreneur

You’re a hustler. You work like crazy because you dream BIG, and that is what I love about you. There are ways to keep that hustle up and work smarter that way we are saving time in our day as an entrepreneur so we can either take more breaks or add more on to our task list.

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Work smart and save time with these 17 tips, get prepared to get inspired about how much more efficient you are about to be.

Tip One | Listen to Podcasts While Doing Mindless Tasks

When you drive, workout, cook dinner, shower, listen to podcasts! This is such an effective way to grow as an entrepreneur. By listening to podcasts during “lost” time which is the time that we are doing other tasks outside of business, we are killing two birds with one stone. I always feel so efficient when I cook dinner and also get a podcast in because I have studied up on some new marketing strategy and made dinner.

If you are a podcast listener then you should definitely be listening to my podcast, the Market Beautifully podcast! You can find me on iTunes, Tune in, Google Play, Stitcher, and my website. If you have an Amazon echo just say “Alexa, play the market beautifully podcast” and she will play the latest episode for you! 

Tip Two | Batch Like a Queen

Batch similar tasks and do them all at the same time especially with your content creation. For instance, I only do podcast interviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays during specific times so that I can easily prepare and batch record. This makes it a lot easier on me and then I can schedule out my editing time later on during a separate batching period.

For you, you could spend a whole day and create all your blog posts for the month or all your YouTube videos for the month. How awesome would that be? Then, for the rest of the month, you would have a lot more time to market your awesome content and get more eyeballs reading, listening, and watching what you have put out into the world.

Tip Three | Don’t Multitask

Don’t you dare multitask. You are losing a lot more time switching in-between tasks than you might even realize. Give your 100% to each task within your business and you will save so much more time. Sometimes we are doing so many tasks at one time that we forget about 2 of the 5 tasks and then don’t even finish them! Just focus on one project at a time and I promise it will be worth it.

Tip Four | Be attentive of your energy levels

Take a quick 10 minute walk with your dog, do some yoga, be attentive of your energy levels to remain productive and keep working smart. If you look at the majority of successful entrepreneurs they actually work out and take care of themselves. This is something to take note of and see how we can implement this into our schedules!

“One of the most important requirements of being happy and productive is for you to guard and nurture your energy levels at all times” – Brian Tracy

Tip Five | Do Not Disturb Mode is Your Friend

For real though, this used to suck up so much of my time. All these notifications popped up on my screen and it was so distracting. I now have to chunk my phone across the room on my couch or somewhere far away so that it is nowhere near me. Otherwise, I’ll see all the calls, texts, and conversations that people are trying to start with me and I feel this need to respond immediately if it is business-related. Now that I put my phone away I’m able to just focus on my tasks within Asana without being distracted and I feel so much more productive at the end of the day.

Tip Six | When are you most productive?

Everyone is different and at different times, we are more productive than others. Find the time you are most productive and work with it! For me, I’m a lot more productive after 7pm which is a little weird but that’s the truth. I’m actually writing this blog article at 9:30pm right now because this is a time for me when I can crank out solid content that I know you can benefit from while it takes me less time just because I’m more “in the zone” during this time.

Tip Seven | Paralyzed by Ideas?

This used to so be me. Have a brain dump board within Asana and every time you have an AMAZING idea, put it on the brain dump column. Now your idea was documented and you can move on! This tricks your mind a little bit that way you can “check” it off and then you can always go back to that idea once you are done with the task you were working on.

Tip Eight | Break down big projects into smaller tasks

This helps with my mindset toward these bigger projects, for sure. I definitely suggest you take these bigger projects and break them up into smaller tasks within Asana. This helps you feel more encouraged throughout all these little tasks that lead to that end goal and it helps you create systems as well in case you were to have to repeat said project in the future!

Tip Nine | Batch Your Email Time

Email can become a never ending rabbit hole. Don’t get sucked into the rabbit hole. Schedule time in your day to check your email and set a timer! Once the timer is up, stop working in your inbox and get back to your task list in Asana. This will help you stay focused but also reach your inbox goals a little faster.

Don’t jump to your inbox every time you get a new message, this is such a waste of time and I know you have a lot going on that needs to get done with your business. SO batch your email time!

Tip Ten | Create a morning routine

Everyone’s morning routine is going to be different, but it is important to have one! Having a routine greatly impacts your productivity and that is why I think it is a fantastic idea to explore if you don’t already have a routine. Test out a few things and see what resonates with you. Something that I am starting to incorporate into my morning routine is meditation that way I can start my day off with a peaceful, relaxing vibe.

Starting your morning off right helps with mindset and mindset, my friend, is everything.

Tip Eleven | Ditch perfection

I see a lot of my clients getting hung up on all these little decisions that are not impacting their bottom line like they think it will. As a business owner, we are faced with a million decisions a day it seems like and the last thing I want for you is to get caught up on some decision that in the long run, won’t even matter.

Focus on spending your time on taking action, thinking big picture, focusing on your businesses legacy, and loving on your community. By doing these things you’ll be able to move on from that decision making paralysis and work smart.

Tip Twelve | Track Your Numbers

Know your numbers for your business, I can’t stress this enough! Look at your bank account and make an account statement every month, know where you are getting your money and what is your most profitable service and product that way you can increase your bottom line. This will not only keep you motivated throughout the month but also help you make a lot more strategic decisions.

I shied away from my numbers in my business for three years. All I knew was that I was profitable, and money was consistently being made so I didn’t think I needed to worry about it. I look back and want to shake my old self! Now I make a point to dive into my numbers at the beginning of every month so I’m more educated about my business and can make decisions like a CEO, not a newbie.

Tip Thirteen | De-clutter your work environment

I have a home office here and in my Asana I have a weekly recurring task that lets me know when I need to clean up my space. This is such a great reminder and I spend a good 15 minutes tidying up. It really helps keep me focused when I do start working! My husband has to have a sparkling clean office to get any work done. This isn’t vital for me, but I do like to tidy up every once in awhile! Whatever works best for you, figure that out, and then schedule a few minutes to clean up your office.

Tip Fourteen | Inbox Zero

Wow does that not sound intimidating or what? This is my goal every day, to get to inbox zero. Another company that does really well with this is Dubsado! Dubsado is a client management tool which I use for web design, branding, strategy projects, funnel creation, and coaching. All my clients love it! Becca Berg is the co-founder and she was on episode 9 of the podcast, we had a great chat and after we got done recording we started talking about our inboxes. Crazy to know we had the same goals and similar strategies!

If reaching inbox zero status sounds overwhelming I have a blog post that walks you through the process. You can read about reaching inbox zero by clicking here!

Tip Fifteen | Natural Light is Nice

It’s amazing what some natural light not only does for your productivity but also your mood! This has been researched and natural light is proven to make a positive impact, especially compared to LED lighting. Just something to take into consideration!

I have a huge window in my home office that I love opening up on bright days. I haven’t really noticed a difference in my productivity but it can’t hurt, right?

Tip Sixteen | Get Comfortable

Make sure you aren’t super uncomfortable, wherever you are working. Find out where you work best! Is it that really awesome couch at that one local coffee shop? Maybe your char in your home office?

For me, I have to switch between my blue velvet couch in my home office and my white executive looking chair behind my l-shaped desk. By switching it up it helps me stay more productive! Sometimes when I sit on my couch too long it’s almost as if the couch is just giving me a warm hug and lulls me to sleep. I’ll be editing videos and actually fall asleep while editing. So that’s something I, personally, have to be careful of. Find what that is for you!

Tip Seventeen | Learn to Say No

Oh goodness, how hard is it to say this word?! Sometimes I still struggle with saying this word. But you know what? Sometimes it is worth it! I feel like we go in certain phases of our business where saying no is a good thing and other phases where we need to be saying yes more often. That is the great thing about using Asana is having one big business overview so you can make more strategic, executive decisions for your company.


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